ING Direct Stops Being A Tease and Gives Us Mobile Check Deposit

I like my banking like I like my women: easy and preferably, online. The ING Direct iPhone application just made banking even easier AND it’s online. They’ve been promising online  and mobile check deposit for months. I’d written them off as a tease. No one likes a tease.

Looks like I passed judgement prematurely because today my iPhone started nagging me to update ING’s app. After the update, I decided to test this new technology (that PayPal and Chase have had for over a year…) with one of my own checks. For science.

The only checking account I have that has any money in it is the ING one. So I’m writing a check from the same account that it’s being deposited to. Not sure if this is going to work or rip a hole in fabric of time and space!

The Details:

  • $3,000 limit per check
  • It’s free. Hell yeah!
  • $200 of a check less than $500 is available next business day, remaining funds after 2 days
  • $200 of a check over $500 is available next business day, remaining funds after 5 days
  • Deposits into a savings account available after 5 business days
  • Daily limit of $5,000 or 20 check deposits

It’s no secret that I like love ING Direct. I know they got bought for a $hit ton of cash by Capital One, but I still love them. Until they start screwing things up, I’m sticking with them. Also, switching all my bills and direct deposit stuff would take foreverrr. This feature probably means I’ll be around for a long time.

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