Internet is Back!

After weeks of messing around with the douchebags at AT&T, they finally managed to get my DSL connection turned back on. Net access is one of those things that doesn’t seem that important until you’re without it. Just kidding – it’s obvious how necessary it is these days! You just can’t do much anything without it. The whole situation was, and honestly still is, a giant clusterf&*k. For review, this is what happened:

  • Signed up for AT&T DSL 2 years ago. I live in the sticks, so I was surviving (barely) with dial-up before
  • DSL was disconnected on April 8th DUE TO A MISTAKE AT&T ADMITTED TO MAKING. 100% THEIR FAULT.
  • Call AT&T: “You’re too far away to get DSL”. Tell them I had it for 2 years
  • Woman tries to say I didn’t. Not even kidding. Then she accused us of stealing DSL! WTF. I have mad computer skills, but I’ve never heard of someone stealing DSL.
  • After I bitch on Twitter, an executive from AT&T HQ makes contact
  • They get service turned back on. Total time without service: 1 entire month. Hours of my life wasted: 30+

While I do have DSL or U-Verse (which is basically the same thing even though AT&T acts like U-Verse is the internet delivered on bricks of gold) now, the basic problem still isn’t solved. AT&T won’t/refuses to update their computer system to show that my address can receive service. My dad asked the executive what happens if he sells our house or ever cancels service. Answer? The service can’t be turned back on.

Maybe it’s just me, but that’s an effin important thing to mention considering we never cancelled in the 1st place! If A&T cuts off our service in 2 years, I have to spend another month of my life on the phone and Twitter to get a simple internet connection! You can bet your sweet a$$ I’m keeping that executive’s digits in a safe place.

As crappy as this whole situation was, one good thing did happen. In the early days of customer support hell, I called Time Warner to see how much running cable down our road would cost. I was expecting something flippin’ crazy like $5,000. That’s the estimate they gave a few years ago. This time? THEY’RE HOOKING US UP FO’ FREE! Now we’ll be gettin another option when AT&T messes up again – which they will. Gotta give props to TW though – it’s not often a huge corporation surprises me in a good way.

What’s the worst way a company has wronged you? Did you manage to get anything out of it?

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One Response to Internet is Back!

  1. Lindy Mint May 18, 2011 at 4:18 PM #

    Wow. I can’t imagine what would happen if we had to survive without internet for a month.

    I should tell you about our Dell experience sometime. It’s a long story. With lots of phone calls to tech support for a lemon computer. Thankfully, one of those tech guys said “we hadn’t been through enough pain yet to warrant them sending us a new one.” We took that quote to his supervisor and had a new upgraded computer within a week. It sucks, but it pays to be persistent.

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