Giving Up Spending For Lent And I’m Not Even Religious

lent season rageI’m not religious at all, but I’ve decided to give something up…for Lent. I’m not sure if it counts “for Lent” if I don’t believe in the scripture behind it, but that’s another blog entirely. I realize I’m also a few weeks late. Anyway, thanks to Mint, I discovered that I’ve spent $67 on “Candy & Snacks” since January 1st, 2011. That’s too high!

Almost 100% of this is the dumb $hit I buy at work on my break. Every shift, I have a 15 minute break and I almost always buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper or a cinnamon sugar pretzel from my mall’s disappointing ghetto food court. Seriously, I’m like a meth addict when it comes to Dr. Pepper. That stuff is delicious and it’s the only soda that’s also a doctor. Duh..WINNING.

All that sugary awesomeness comes at a price though. Sure, it’s only a dollar here or 4 dollars there, but it adds up. On a 4 hour shift, I make $29.6 before taxes. If I spend $3 (after tax) on junk, then I’ve given away 10% of my paycheck. In reality, it’s more than 10% because of Uncle Sam and Cousin Ohio are of course getting their cut. Not cool.

So from now until Lent ends (which is…I have no idea. Easter?), no more spending on snacks and whatnot while at work. Instead, I’ll start bringing a water bottle with me to work in case I feel the need to graze.

P.S. – Proof reading this post made me realize that it sounds like I have an overeating problem.

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