Time To Go Shopping, I Got Gift Cards!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend. I definitely did – spent some time catching up with family and received more than enough gifts.

Like most Christmases, I was given a TON of giftcards. Some for gas. Some for Chipotle (ah yeah!). Some for straight up shopping (Visa & AMEX). All told, I think I’m approaching 10 or more.

I know some people don’t like gift cards or think they aren’t a “real” gift (WTF, how is it not a gift??). I’m not some people. I’m perfectly fine getting some (or a lot) of gift cards.

The biggest reason is that they force me to shop. Don’t get me wrong, I can shop all by myself. But I buy stupid stuff like frozen cappuccino’s from Tim Horton’s. When I get $25 that has to be spent on iTunes (which I did!), I’m going to buy some apps for my iPhone that I never would have bought otherwise.

Gift cards rock because they allow guilt free spending and no need to ever account for a purchase later. I never regret a purchase I make with a gift card – no wondering “Did I really need that?” on the drive home.

Any gift card naysayers out there? Prefer cash or an actual widget to mess with immediately?

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