I Have the Worst Spending Logic

I’ve mentioned before how much I like the iPhone. It’s an expense I willingly pay and will for the foreseeable future. But I’ve noticed something odd when it comes to the apps that are available for it. While I have no problem (obviously) downloading free, must haves like Pandora, Facebook, or Mint, I almost always talk myself out of getting any paid apps.

Most people who haven’t been living under a rock know that these apps aren’t expensive. At. All. 99 cents here. A buck 99 there. No big deal. But yet, the voice in my head seriously says “Too much” whenever I come across a paid app that looks interesting. This is stupid when you consider I paid $199 for the phone in the first place. Then I pay an extra $30 per month for Internet – because if you don’t even have the ability to check Facebook at all times in all places, what do you have?

This doesn’t make any sense. I’m cool with spending $360 a year for wireless Internets, but whoa, a 5 spot every month is just too much? It’d be like if I bought a BMW, but decided that premium gas was just too expensive. I’d save money, but I wouldn’t get the best value/performance out of my purchase. Crazy.

Call it justifying an unneeded purchase if you want. I’m just done telling myself that a dollar is too expensive for an app I’ll use quite a bit. In fact, I already spent $1.99 on the Nike+Run app that uses GPS to track my runs and it even syncs them to Nike’s website. To me, that’s worth some pocket change.

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