The Convenience Factor Gets Me Every Time!

I love modern conveniences. My car. Air conditioning. Air conditioning in my car. You get the picture. But you know what else is also convenient these days?


I’m not even talking about how easy is to type into a browser and buy stuff with just 1 Click. Amazon actually has a patent on this method to separate you from your cash.

Then there’s the fact that 99% of all stores accept credit and debit cards. I never carry cash, mainly because the ATM is like 2 minutes away and I really am that lazy.

There’s something even more convenient that I’ve just been exposed to, however. Like practically all college students, I was issued a student ID card that also functions as a debit type card to use at the bookstore or for food in the cafeteria.

You can also use it at the vending machines. It’s crazy! You scan your card, $1.25 of credit is applied at that machine and you type in your selection. It’s probably the most convenient thing I’ve ever experienced. I walk past dozens of these card-reading vending machines everyday. They’re everywhere!

You can probably tell where this is going. I’ve spent something like $10 in 4 days on Skittles, Propel, and pretzels. The best part is that it’s incredibly fast. Since the transaction is completely local, on campus, there’s no “authorizing” required. As soon as you swipe, you have your money.

I guess I’ll be registering for an impulse control class next quarter.

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